Roger Cline: guitar, lead vocal
Jeanette Williams: harmony vocal
Johnny Williams: harmony vocal
John Boulding: dobro
Debbie Durant: upright bass
Nick Goad: mandolin
Billy Hawks: fiddle


Did you ever see the way the leaves turn upside down on the Maple trees
Before the breeze blows the summer rains close by
It’s like they know what’s comin’ round
Do they feel it somehow through the ground?
I’d like to know what my future bringsIf I’d known you’d come by that day, I’d thought of something that I could say
I’d make you know how much I need you in my life
But, my heart was all bound up inside
I spoke from fear and foolish pride
Missed my chance to keep you by my sideYou’ve got to be on time when your life is on the line
Can’t you read the signs as they’re fallin’ through your mind

If I could live that day again, I’d start by listening to the wind
Maybe then I’d see you comin’ with the spring
The winter rains are fallin’ now, they run across a frozen ground
I think I know what my future brings

©2020 Roger Wayne Cline, Walnut Run Music LLC (ASCAP)