Roger Cline: mandolin, lead vocal
Colleen Craven: rhythm guitar, harmony vocal
Michael Gaudreau: strumstick and bones
Dennis Hertzog: fiddle
Andy McIntyre: bass


I’m a heartbroken raftsman from Greenville I came
of my virtues departed with the lass I did fain
From the strong darts of Cupid I’ve suffered much grief
My heart’s broke asunder , I can get no relief
Of my story I’ll tell you without much delay
of the sweet little lassie, my heart stole away
She’s the blacksmith’s fair daughter on the Flat riverside
and I always intended to make her my brideI worked on the river where the white water rolls
My name I’ve engraved on the high rock and shores
I’m the boy that stands happy on the black purling stream
but, my thoughts were on Molly, she haunted my dreams
I gave fine jewels and the finest of lace
the costliest muslin, her forms to embrace
I gave my wages all for to keep safe
I deprived her of nothing I had on this earthWhile I worked on the river I earned quite a stake
I was steadfast and steady and I ne’er played the rake
On Camp Flat and river I’m very well known
They call me Jack Haggerty, the pride of the town

Till she wrote me a letter, which I did receive
She said from her promise, herself she be leave
For to wed with another she’d longtime delayed
and the next time I’d she her she’d no more be a maid
To her mother, Jane Tucker, I lay all the blame
for she caused her to leave and go back on my name
to cast off the riggings that God was to tie
and to make me a rambler till the day that I die

So come all you raftsmen with hearts stout and true
Don’t you trust to a woman, cause you deefed if you do
but, if you do meet one with black chestnut curls
remember Jack Haggerty and the Flat river girl

Traditional/Mick Hanly